History and Community

Pulaski Savings Bank

Local banking institutions have long been considered the very centers of our communities’ existence, forming a foundation upon which our material well-being rests, while creating our financial independence and even defining the social structure of modern life.

These institutions played an integral role in the development of the respective communities which comprise the metropolitan area of Chicago. Pulaski Savings Bank has helped contribute to the growth, development and improvement of one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods.

Thousands of families who came to America’s shores seeking liberty, justice and independence, settled down with the sole purpose and thought of securing a home and acquiring tangible and lasting assets. As industrious and hard-working people, they went to work and began to save to assure their future well-being and that of their children.

In their newly adopted country, they labored earnestly, lived economically, trying to save a good percentage of their earnings for their future and the security of their families. Regardless of their income, a substantial portion of their pay was put aside for future security. This is the background upon which Pulaski Savings Bank came into existence and how we began to serve the people of our community.

Building and loan associations like Pulaski Savings Bank were favored as institutions deserving of and earning the community’s trust. They served a dual purpose of encouraging thrift and accumulating funds, while promoting home ownership by lending money to those who wished to acquire real estate.

Unlike many other financial institutions, Pulaski Savings Bank has never closed its doors and has come through some troublesome years unscathed.

Community banks are an integral part of the community they serve. Pulaski Savings Bank serves on the boards of local organizations and we are committed to area schools in the Bridgeport neighborhood. We know our customers on a first name basis and we make it our business to understand what is important to them.

Our sound condition reflects our solid past in order build you and your family a secure future.

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